•  Bachelor of Arts (Regular)
•  Bachelor of Commerce (Regular)
•  Bachelor of Library and Information Science
•  Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)(Regular)
•  B.Com. Computers(Regular)
•  Master of Arts in Economics
•  Master of Arts in English
•  Master of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration
•  Master of Arts in Sociology
•  Master of Arts in History
•  Master of Arts in Telugu
•  Master of Arts in Hindi
•  Master of Commerce
•  Master of Commerce (Financial Management)
•  Master of Science in Mathematics
•  Master of Science in Computer Science
•  Master of Science in Psychology
•  Master of Business Administration
•  Master of Science in Physics
•  Master of Science in Chemistry
•  Master of Science in Zoology
•  Master of Science in Botany
•  Master of Library and Information Science(M.L.I.Sc.)
•  Master of Social Work
•  PG Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
•  PG Diploma in Guidence and Counselling